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*SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY* Goodnight Esports recruiting

SleepGNSleepGN Member Posts: 14 Rookie
Hi im sleep I am the leader and founder of Goodnight Esports. This team will start with 6 people and Only Play R6 but will love to grow numbers For other Competitive games. Right now There are only two members Me,Sleep and Bye. We are creating this team to compete in R6 go4 and other tournaments. We are located in East US. This team is looking for mainly Two support players that Are Excellent at playing mainly Thermite,Hibana,Maverick,Thatcher, and Are also good at playing other attacking operators that fall into the support category during certain situations. These Players will also need to exceed in Excellence on mainly Kaid,Bandit,smoke(smg),Doc,and again Be diverse and be able to Also play other defending operators in certain situation,strats, etc. Then we need a Basic all around Frag,flex,supportish,site player that Is Amazing at any operator In any situation,strat, etc. You will have to have experience with go4 or tournament experience as i do or if you can prove that you have the Skills and brain to do it. You will need to be High plat 2 but we are looking for high diamonds and champions. You will need to be Mouse and key or at least planning to switch to it but that means you have to be a god on the sticks. You will need to have a open schedule so We can practice 2-3 days a week for a couple hours. You will need reliable internet and Reliable Set-up. I will be Very happy to hear from you and It will be great to work with all of you. Thank you and be safe gamers❤️🎮
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