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Im a c1 div4/c2 player in 3s looking for a team to play with.

LickMeLlamaLickMeLlama Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Combined through console and pc i have 1000 hours, within the last 400 hours I've gone from plat 2 to c2 and can prove this happily. I am looking for a team as i want to take my RL career to a competitive level and push myself to do better. I train everyday for at least 30 mins to an hour while also playing ranked each day. I personally am a fun, jokey and mess around type of person but when its needed to be serious i can do as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this. My discord is LickMeLlama#8168 and steam is LickMeLlama or my friend code is 1026458430.
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