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Looking for NA Team

YatazoYatazo Member Posts: 4 Rookie
I am a new-ish player to the competitive scene in R6 and have been slowly grinding throughout this past season to learn/understand the ways of comp. As of currently, I reside as a Silver IV but willing to put in the hours and dedication to becoming an overall better player and teammate through joining a said team. I plan on playing out the rest of this season as a learning experience and opportunity to practice more on different ops, maps, callouts, and strategies. Next season, though, I will be putting massive amounts of hours into the game and will be available for any tournaments/competitive events.

The main role that I usually play as is fragger. Whenever I tend to play I often find myself going for frags or lurking in order to benefit my team, but I am def. open to playing/learning other roles as well. And if someone is truly interested in how I play, I would suggest heading over to my twitch as I do stream R6 often - https://www.twitch.tv/baegor/videos

With all this being said, if anyone is interested in having me on their team either for the remainder of this season and beyond or not until next season please let me know through discord - Chase#4613

Lastly, thank you! <3


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