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LF 2 GC 1600 EU [DRGN Gaming] 3v3!!!!

SirSealSirSeal Member Posts: 19 Rookie
Hi everyone!

I (SirSeal) am looking for two motivated and dedicated players for my Rocketleague team. Right now i am not playing for my organisation because i stepped back from the roster. So i want to create a new team within this org and go from there. 

Read these ''requirements'' before you contact me.
- Atleast Grandchampion around 1600 mmr in 3v3 Standard Playlist
- You have a positive mindset
- You are dedicated and want to become the best
- Have a proper understanding how to rotate and position yourself
- You have to live in EU and speak decent English
- Can give AND receive criticism
- Work as a team and follow a schedule that will be made for teampractice
- Help each other when one is feeling down or when someone makes a mistake, we need to cheer eachother up again and win!

I hope this is clear enough :) I guess you know your abillities well enough and know if you meet the requirements set above.
If you contact me on discord ( SirSeal^^#6283 ) I will have a chat with you and will play some tryout matches with you. (I will play tryouts on 3v3 only!)

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on Discord. I hope I will find the right people for my team so that i can continue my journey to become the best!

Some information about me:
Ingame name: SirSeal
Rank: GC in 3s and 2s (around 1530 to 1650, Just got out of a slump).
Playstyle: Something like a midfielder
Age: 20
Country: Netherlands, I speak Dutch and English

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