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Making 3D or 2D RPG game alone possible?

AzmariahAzmariah Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone here knows about coding games and would possibly tell me the right direction.

I've always been a hardcore player and player league of legends for many years (i think 7 or more, where some of them were literally everyday for many hours) and i had so much time invested in League that if I invested it in something else I would become PRO at it...

I don't regret it though, it taught me more or less what good game means and what it should have to interest players (more or less). If i regret anything then that's only playing with few OP champions lol (Jayce, Tyze, Shaco, Trynd, Sion - at least before the nerf, as everyone of them except Jayce got nerfed and I'm unable to carry with them anymore).

Honestly while lol was a great game I think i can make my own game instead... Many things about lol were addicting but i also started being completely disgusted by MOBA genre (I also have to add that i hate FPS and Battle Royale). However that disgust is only partially caused by being bored or simply not being into them. It's also because whenever I play games i think I should be making my own game.

The genre I've picked for my future game is simple RPG. Can be 2D or 3D as I dont know how hard is it to make a game with any of these graphic styles.

However asking Google for info only explained me how to code. And although at first it was hard and confusing, I'd say coding is quite easy (I still know it only as beginner though due to lack of experience) and the only reason why coding seems so confusing is because tutorials include so many details that you dont need to know...

But anyway, what I want to do is to find a way to add graphics to my game. I know some Java and Python but I have no clue how to make my game more like a game and not just text in black window. Does anyone here know how to make games? Is making RPG alone possible?


  • garodagaroda Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    it is possible if you have special skills for it.
  • MuraTickoMuraTicko Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Yes, it is possible, but you'd better to start with a 2D game because making it in 3D will take much longer.
  • r3d33m3rr3d33m3r Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Yes, try RPG Maker XV. Pretty good software to create your own RPG Games =)
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