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Exxel Gaming looking for NA and EU players!

SnaqSnaq Member Posts: 8 Rookie
Hi, my name is Snaque and I'm here to recruit for eSports team Exxel Gaming!

We have teams in Rainbow Six Seige, Fortnite and CS:GO and are looking to move to Rocket League also! We are looking to set up a team of GC's like myself to compete in tournaments and to grow as individual players as well as a team. We are mostly looking for GC players to be a part of our teams, but anyone can feel free to join our community of awesome people! We have a set of amazing staff who will help with any problems and a great growing community also!
If you would like to get in touch, please leave your Discord# in the comments.

You can also contact me at my Discord Snaque#6702


  • WafflessWaffless Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I am a gc as of making this post 1530 in both 2s and 1570 in 3s i am mostly a 3s player my peak was 1670 discord is Waffless#9858
  • SnaqSnaq Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    My mistake, looking for NA players only! Sorry to my EU guys
  • SinsinchiSinsinchi Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hey, I am a Platinum 2 in 3s who trains hard everyday and a plat 3 in 2s. I am looking to work my butt off and make it big in the esports community! My discord is Sinsinchi#6830
  • Dalekramone647Dalekramone647 Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    I’m a c3-gc my rl id is DalekRamone647#7603 hit me up for more details
  • SplixySplixy Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Im a high c1, looking to coach and I have about 4 years of experience in the game. I have spent some time anaylzing replays/coaching some close friends of mine who play. Discord is Splixy#1898
  • xXGT-RANGERXxxXGT-RANGERXx Member Posts: 24 Rookie
    I'm a GC 1557 mmr in 3's and just hit GC in 2's Discord : Impossible Aim#4646
  • xXGT-RANGERXxxXGT-RANGERXx Member Posts: 24 Rookie
    And I'm EU
  • Arcane NexusArcane Nexus Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    I’m a C3-GC on NA. Discord is Arcane Nexus#8823
  • ThureThure Member Posts: 5 Rookie
  • GalvarinoGalvarino Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    #Galvarino#9865 diamond 3
  • Flegs_Flegs_ Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    looking to maybe join the team, c2 almost c3 in 2s and 3s, looking to maybe even fill a spot on the roster as a sub!
  • NagelNagel Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Nagel#5229 1650+ player
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