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AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 14 Rookie
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About AG:

Founded in 2017 then re-founded in 2018,  Arbitrium Gloriam Esports or AG Esports started out as 4 guys playing Gamebattles on Call of Duty then slowly turned into a global Esports Club fielding teams in Call of Duty, Rocket league, and Rainbow 6. We at AG are not only dedicated to competing at the highest level of esports but also shaping and innovating the future of esports as we know it. We also strive to entertain new audiences all over the world via our live streams, youtube videos and tournaments. We are determined, we are dedicated, we dominate the competition, we are the green nation!

What we are looking for:

we at AG are hunting for Champs and GCs to form a roster full of future RLCS champions! we are primarily a NA only team but we have a All- Russian team as well so we accept both NA and EU. Sorry console players, were only looking for PC players only...dont be sad there`s a possibility  ;)

Our goals:

it simple, just like every other team or organization on here, we want to hold up that RLCS trophy and be world champions. 

what we offer:

- Coaching from the top am coaches
- Experienced team management 
- Weekly scrims 
- Daily practice
- Sponsors 
- The chance to compete in the RLRS

why choose us?

AG isn't like these other teams and organizations, we are a brotherhood of players helping each other achieve our goals one step at a time. we also have the top of the line staff, great content, dope merchandise, and so much more!

if you would like to join, feel free to me up on discord AG Esports | Comedian#1334 or leave your info below


  • AFEX NerdAFEX Nerd Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    Hey I’m GC peak is 1650 rn low GC Am Xbox and I’m USE if you want to message me back, add me on discord at AFEX Nerd#9421
  • xtranzikxtranzik Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
  • DaRk_Killcom DaRk_Killcom Member Posts: 6 Rookie
  • BlankdwBlankdw Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited January 26
    Im 1600, (Steam Code) 194133469, (Discord) dw#9043. im nae and i play everyday. I have a good mic

  • WafflessWaffless Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    GC in 3s and 2s 1545 and 1560 in 2s and 3s as of making this post discord is Waffless#9858 peak 1670 in 3s
  • Arcane NexusArcane Nexus Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    C3-GC in 3s for NA. Discord is Arcane Nexus#8823
  • Black0ut15Black0ut15 Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    GC in 3s peak so far is 1550
    Black0ut15 #8330
  • StrengthStrength Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    DM me on disord
    Strength#7840 is my discord ID
  • CryptCrypt Member Posts: 2 Rookie
  • WeskyduckWeskyduck Member Posts: 3 Rookie
  • Theobald the BirdTheobald the Bird Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    Discord: Theobald the Bird#9652

    I hit top 100 worldwide in 1v1s this season and I want to shift my focus over to 3v3s.
  • AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    edited April 3
    we have dropped our current roster due to indifference, so there are spots open. if you wanna join just DM Comedian#1334 on discord
  • AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    this just in! we are now expanding into EU so if you're from the region heres your opportunity! just follow the instructions above!
  • FeathersFeathers Member Posts: 6 Rookie
  • BT14BT14 Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    bsbux14#4954 Eu
  • AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    Update: the EU roster has been filled. NA still has openings 
  • RampageRLRampageRL Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    champ 3 Rampage#2511 EU
  • twitch_maxbalootwitch_maxbaloo Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hey AGxComeidan. My discord is maxbaloo79#9744. I have a inquire/i want to talk to you about something that you may be interested in.
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