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Hello, I would like to say something about us.
Euphoria has been with us for a while. Specifically since 2010. Currently, the management consists of two owners. Specifically NATOR and Shingo.
At the very beginning, we only supported PUBG Mobile, but now we want to grow with other game sections and with your support become a semi-professional organization like it used to be a few years ago in CSS and COD4.
I hope we can do our best and get your favor because fans are also our community.

What is our goal at the moment?
Get suitable competetive teams into other game categories eg.
** Rainbow Six Siege **
** League of Legends **
** Player's Unknown Battleground (PC) **
** Counter Strike Global Offensive **
** DOTA2 **
And to become part of our little family. 😎

If you are interested please contact me on Discord NATOR#1188
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