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Looking for plat players for a team

saturnspikessaturnspikes Member Posts: 5 Rookie
I am looking for people to join my team in 3s that are ranked plat or diamond. I am plat 3 but feel like I could easily be diamond with a consistent team. Hit me up - saturnspikes on psn and all socials. No toxicity and no raging please. Looking for chill players.


  • SnowSnow Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    What's up man. I'm in the same situation. Hit me up. Rocket league name: Snow
  • SnowSnow Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    I'm on PC btw. We can discord through our phones tho for comms.
  • SlinkieSlinkie Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    Yo. Discord is Slinkie#9589 
    I consider myself a reliable player and i fluctuate around Plat 2-3 somtimes D1
  • PK JellyPK Jelly Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Discord is lionsinthejelly#0836
  • Faux7sFaux7s Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    discord is Faux#5674 im plat 1 division 4
  • CincoCinco Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Yo, Faux7s im a solid diamond in all playlists hit me up on twitter. @Cinco
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