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F/A Looking for esports team

FrostbiteFrostbite Member Posts: 16 Rookie
GC with a peak of 1800 looking for a team for either this season's RLRS qualifiers or next season. NA
  • Past tournament/team experience
  • 17 y/o
  • 1800 mmr peak
Contact on discord for more info: Frostbite#0070


  • Erova5075Erova5075 Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    Hey I'm the lead recruiter for team PXL and have been watching your stream and think you would be a great addition to PXL esports. We are on the road to dreamhack Atlanta. If you are interested or have any questions please let me know.

    What we're looking for:

    We are mainly on the hunt for Grand Champs to form a solid team of 3 along with a sub.. Champ 3 will be a current exception as you have the ability and time to advance your skills to the next level. This does not have to be your current rank, if you were previously a GC and de-ranked to Champ 3, we get it because we've all been there. If you are lower ranks such as Champ 2 or lower don't feel left out. Everyone has a chance within our organization.

    What we offer:


    An experience team in the eSports industry

    Practice Teams

    Weekly Scrims

    Tournament Opportunities

    Future Sponsors

    The plan:

    We plan to get a solid competitive team together of high GC's that will eventually be the main team for PXL Esports and compete in tournaments to gain exposure. We would like to eventually get this team into RLRS along with getting the opportunity to scrim with a current pro roster. Keep in mind this will take time and a lot of trial and error with a roster to really find a solid team that is consistent.
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