Valor Gaming Esports team, I am looking for determined RL players Plat 2-GC

LigiiLigii Posts: 4Member Rookie
This is am Esports team that is looking for talent, and determination. I want to go to the top, but before I do I need you. If you are interested please leave your discord below, or contact me on discord Ligii#7333


  • ArcaneArcane Posts: 1Member One post wonder
  • SnowSnow Posts: 3Member Rookie
    I would like to join. I'll post my discord when I get off work. RL: Snow
  • SlinkieSlinkie Posts: 3Member One post wonder
    Hello! I've been wanting to join a team and am very excited too. My discord is Slinkie#9589 Please Contact me as i have also added you as a friend on discord this is a very big role of mine. I will give more details about my rank and personal info in private. THX
  • StangStang Posts: 3Member Rookie
  • D3nisD3nis Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Hi im champ 1 my discord is: Denissk#2467
  • Silky7Silky7 Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    im very interested , im currently plat 3 however I have been diamond 2 recently, playing with randoms, looking to progress within a positive team add me at SirSilky#6341
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