Hell’s Bishops recruiting for main team!

BinboBinbo Posts: 4Member Rookie
Hello, I’m binbo. I am the founder of Hell’s Bishops and we are looking for players all over, main team is GC+ but we are accepting of players all over the ranks! We are a relatively new team and looking to grow, monthly/weekly in-house tournaments will be held between the 4 factions of the server. We are recruiting staff too from Social Media experts to admins for our servers. Contact me through my discord @(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Binbo ♥#9882 if you are interested! Thankyou for reading.


  • LigiiLigii Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Id be willing to join heres my discord Ligii#7333
  • Ronald__RLRonald__RL Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Cant add you here is my discord ronald#7417
  • JoshGriff93JoshGriff93 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    JoshGriff93#8720 GC looking for competitive team to play with add me, thanks! Eu
  • D3nisD3nis Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Denissk#2467 here is my discord i cant find you 
  • JoplayzJoplayz Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    hey, I have been looking for something just like your describing add my discord NeSu | Grumpypants#3293 i couldn't find you
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