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C3-GC EU Player Looking For Serious Team

RitzeRitze Member Posts: 4 Rookie


I am currently looking for a team in rocket league which is dedicated and have some experience. With experience I mean scrims etc. I took a break between season 8-11 which made me rank down a bit but I am currently at C3 in 3s and GC in 2s. Ranking up in 3s shouldnt be a problem.

18 years old, from Sweden. No problem doing comms whether its discord or teamspeak. I have 100 hours past 2 weeks, I don't always have this high amount of hours but it occurs sometimes. Sometimes higher if I really don't have a life :-) Around 2k hours total.

I have some experience with past teams and orgs but nothing real serious.

Comment below and I'll provide my discord if you wanna discuss further. Happy christmas.


  • L1zzardL1zzard Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Hey, im interest in ... can you add me so i can give you more details - The_lizzard#7150

  • iLodgeiLodge Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hi bro, i'm a low GC/C3 player from the UK. Looking for a serious team to compete with in ESL and hopefully other tournaments if all goes well! rocket ID is iLodge#4031. I also took a break between season 9 and 12 as i got GC in season 9 in 2s. Followed by getting season 13 GC title in 3s, so i have been grinding myself recent especially during this quarantine lol! 
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