Active Playerbas, free Coachings and much more

MaifuMaifu Posts: 9Member Rookie

Hey there!

My name is Maifu and i am looking for more people who are tired of looking for players to play with. The community i am part of offers daily events in all types. From casual fun plays up to training and coaching.

We actively support our players with free coaching and managing their competitive teams in exchange for your active participation within the group!

In addition to that we have prize pooled community exclusive league system in which you can compete against other RL teams of the Community.

You are not that competitive? No problem there are a lot of fun and casual events too. So as i wrote at the beginning, if you`re tired of looking for players and getting toxic mates this is the best option you can get right now :-)

If you`re interested just hit me up or add me on Discord: Maifu#2206

Best Regards and hopefully see ya soon



  • mrjstrongmrjstrong Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    I sent you a friend request on discord, my name is jstrong#7411. Also my rocket ID is JSTRONG#8630
  • MaifuMaifu Posts: 9Member Rookie
    /push it. Still looking for dedicated players
  • StrengthStrength Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Can I join the community you are part of please?

  • MaifuMaifu Posts: 9Member Rookie
    Strength said:
    Can I join the community you are part of please?

    ofc, just add me on Discord Maifu#2206
  • MaifuMaifu Posts: 9Member Rookie
    /push:  We still loking for nice people to form more comp rosters
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