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[PC] [EU] Looking for 2 to join a competitive roster.

FarheFarhe Member Posts: 16 Rookie

Hey Guys, 
My names Ben; Known as Farhe. I have set up a new team called Team Polaris, we are looking for a couple new players to fill the last 2 spots; as we haven't had much luck with trialists in the passing weeks. I have coaching & analyst experience as well as a years worth of IGL exp. We are a very organised and disciplined group of lads that like to just joke around far too much for our liking. However, when its time to show up, we do. 

Current roster: 
Me (IGL / Support / Flex)
R6tab stats: https://r6tab.com/7116045b-d80b-4bf5-8209-98c680f4cabc

Baysu (Support flex)
R6tab stats: https://r6tab.com/a7da525f-d7b1-4d55-aa2f-f0a84f9c8cd3

Dutch (Secondary Fragger)
R6tab stats: https://r6tab.com/38b1c2f1-a4a7-4d19-9f8f-5fb5702a9145

So what are we looking for?
Every player on this team has the ability to play any position asked of them, and thats the approach i want to have towards siege, Fluidity. That being said, we are looking for players who can SPECIALISE in these roles.
  • Entry Fragger,
  • Flex
Other aspects were looking for are:
  • Maturity (we're looking ideally for 18+ players although if you're 17 close to 18 we'll make exceptions) NONE UNDER 17, 
  • Can listen and react accordingly to criticism & calls. If you aren't willing to grow, you have no place here,
  • We don't have a rank requirement. Though plat 3 + is desirable,
  • 12+ hours free minimum a week for DRY RUNS & SCRIMS,
What we offer:
  • Scrims at least 4 times a week against teams of varying skill as well as 1/2 dry runs.
  • A report at the end of each week with things to work on and what you did well,
  • A competitive environment, as well as ridiculously bad humour. 
  • Basic strats for each site of each map. (no coach and its a lot of work to do that as well as my FT job)
Contact us either with a reply here or message me your application on Discord. 
Discord: Farhe#5076

Thanks in advance, 


  • birdiebirdie Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I have sent you a friend request on Discord, cannot message you otherwise

  • HungrosaHungrosa Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hey i sent you a friend request on discord.
  • T.SnowdonT.Snowdon Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    I would like to fulfil the entry fragger position my discord is:

    Tom Snowdon#2588
  • GIGEORGE13GIGEORGE13 Member Posts: 31 Rookie
    hey i have tried to message you add me as a friend on discord 
    GIGEORGE13 #4914
  • QetuQetu Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    edited December 2019
    Hey, i've played for 2 years now and i'm plat III-II i would like to atleast try out in your team!
    I sent you a friend request on discord.

    My discord: Qetu#1958

    Here is my application:
    Age: 16(about to be 17)
    Available Hours: all
    Available Days: all
    Region: eu
    Rank: Plat 2-3
    Playstyle: Flex
  • EezyGamerEezyGamer Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I sent you a friend request but you havent accepted so I will make my application here. 

    My Uplay is EezyGamer. 22 years old Plat 3 on PC Plat 2 on xbox, 1.4kd all my stats and highest rank has been done solo queue, I feel like I have reached my limit as a player in solo queue and feel I can't improve my teamplay and other aspects of my game without having a dedicated team, hence why I am applying so definitely looking to get better. plan to hit diamond when I get a team that is capable. I am a streamer on twitch and feel it would be more enjoyable for viewers to watch scrims/tourneys and high level ranked play. 

    My schedule is a bit limited although I can still put in 12+ hours a week, so long as it doesn't affect my streaming (which it shouldn't as i can stream a lot of what we do anyway) Im unavailable friday-sunday night most weeks but am available most of the day any other day of the week usually but can give advance notice if I am away at an unusual time. If you have any questions lmk in discord

    Discord - EezyGamer#5635     or accept the friend request.
  • Carnage.ERCarnage.ER Member Posts: 27 Rookie
    Im looking to play in the Go4R6 Cups, open ladders, Challenger League, along with upcoming major qualifiers and tournaments in 2019.
     im looking for a team that doesnt mind putting in the hard work (dry runs, scrims and collaberating strats) and all the long hours. I personally have around 4000 possibly close to 5000 hours in game time, i played my first few tousand hours on console before i switched to pc. switching to pc hasnt been an issue to my gameplay or knowledge of rainbow six. i play rainbow six for around 6 to 12 hours a day. i have expieriance playing online scrims, dry running and creating strats (that work) . I havent played in any online cups but im willing to learn. Ive only solo qued RANKED and ive solo qued to plat 3 at 3500 MMR nearly plat 2 relying on my own strats and fragging ability. i practice everyday and dont mind constructive critisism. i can play any operator to their full potential but if i had to pick 2 mains for attack and 2 mains for defense they would be Maestro and lesion for defence and IQ and hibbanna for offense. 

    discord SakuraPai#0337
  • MiniCPMiniCP Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Age: 20, 21 soon

    Rank: currently sitting at gold 3/2 have only played this season and continuing to climb with an above average kd and wr

    Hours Played: think it sits at 140 maybe higher now

    Attk main: Ash, zofia and soon finka

    Def main: rook, doc and mute

    Favourite map: Bank, house, cabin and theme park

    Availability: every day post 4pm gmt

    A Little Bit About Yourself: ill keep it short but I'm an enthusiastic determined player who has played many games competitively so I'm used to pressure and winning/losing situations, can take criticism easily and take orders as been captain and been on teams where I haven't been captain. I feel if I put the time in as only play every now and then rn and play really well, I can be a strong team mate but I'll leave that upto you to decide 😁

    Discord: MiniCP#1547
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