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SirSealSirSeal Member Posts: 17 Rookie
Hello everyone!

We are looking for 2 more team mates to fill our rosters. 

I am Sir Seal part of one of the teams and i am probaly in need for 2 more players. Do you think you are the one for the team check these ''requirements'':

-Positive mindest 
-You can give AND recieve feedback!
-You won't get tilted after a few lost games.
-Your understanding of the game is on point (Rotations, positioning and spacing, when to challenge and when to back off etc.)
-Be able to play with team mates in comms. Communication is key if you want to get to the highest level.
-Atleast got your GC rewards.
-Willing to learn! have the spirit to get to the highest level!
-Don't think that everything is gonna go perfect in the first weeks/days, give it time.

Please take in account that these requirements are just  here to give you an indication of how your chances are.
If you apply and send me a msg i will send you to the CEO of the org and he will take care of you and will have a chat with you.

I am not looking for mmr, and i don't care what mmr you had! I just want to know if you are able to keep up with the pace of the game and if you understand everything that is stated above.

I hope to hear from any of you! 

P.s. If you are close to your gc rewards like 8 wins don't worry just contact me if you do think you fit in 

~Sir Seal [DRGN Gaming]
Discord: SirSeal^^#6283
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