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Lethal Royalty Esports, looking for Rocket League Players to tryout!

NotJWKNotJWK Member Posts: 1 Visitor
Lethal Royalty Esports is a new organization looking for rocket league players to try out. All tournament entries and league entries will be paid. All tournament and league winnings go straight back to the player and the org will be taking 0%!

These are the requirements that must be met:
At least Champ 3 in Rocket League currently.
Must be a minimum of 16 years old.
Must have the drive to improve as a player and a team.
Must have a positive mindset.
Must be willing to recieve criticism.
Must be active on social media and with the orgs social media.

Any competitive Rocket League experience is also a good plus, but not necessary.

If you would like to tryout or have any questions, please message the team captain on discord.
Discord: Z.#4854

Thanks and best of luck!


  • xXGT-RANGERXxxXGT-RANGERXx Member Posts: 24 Rookie
    Discord: Impossible Aim #4646
  • xXGT-RANGERXxxXGT-RANGERXx Member Posts: 24 Rookie
    I Couldn't message you on discord about taking part in a tryout?
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