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Xeno Gaming now Recruiting [NA]

Private.XGPrivate.XG Member Posts: 9 Rookie
Go4R6 and and CL quals. Looking for one or two more players. 
Comment or message Paplepoint1#7679 on disc.
- Age
- Server Location
- Current Rank
- Availability
- 3 Main Attackers
- 3 Main Defenders
- Uplay Username
-Discord Name and #


  • CrayonCrayon Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    US East
    Gold 1
    Im in high school so later in the evenings but pretty free on the weekends
    -Zofia, Ash, Thermite/Hibana,
    -Jager, Doc, Bandit/Vigil
    -cateater3 (but im going to switch it soon)
  • LONEWOLFX09LONEWOLFX09 Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    -Name: Tyler (LONEWOLFX09)
    - Age: 29
    - Server Location: CUS
    - Current Rank: Unranked- last season gold 2
    - Availability- Most nights throughout the week
    - 3 Main Attackers- Thermite, zofia, ash
    - 3 Main Defenders- doc, jager, lesion
    - Uplay Username: LONEWOLFX09
    -Discord Name and # LONEWOLFX09#1755
  • I-5ensorI-5ensor Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited December 2019
    Name- Mark
    age- 22
    Server- E NA
    Gold 1- Highest plat 2
    Most weekdays. Except tues thurs night.
    Main atk- Twitch, IQ, Sledge
    Main Def- Vigil, Doc, Valk
    Uplay- I-5ensor
    discord- LemmeCheck#2778
    Over 2000 hours across multiple accounts.
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