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Looking for a Team! (NoCommunityTeam. NoJust4FunTeam)- Competetive / TournamentTeam

INFEWSINFEWS Member Posts: 5 Rookie
I am currently looking for a Competetive / Tournament Team with serious intentions.

You will find most likely everything about me here:

It has been a while since I participated in Tournaments,- but can say that I improved alot compared to the old Days.
Current Rank (Playing Solo only and facing as everybody knows Premades and Smurfs) C3 in 3s and 2s
I hit several Times GC on my own so thats not the big deal, to maintain that is a bit the struggle after the smurfs stop playing with the NonGC Players and i get queued with them (its obvious to tell) anyway. + Keep in mind,- I play literally Solo only.
Looking for atleast same or Higher Teammates. Something about me is; when i have teammates that plays better then I do,- i am capable to get used to them pretty quick,- able to adapt to different playstyles.
Discord,- Teamspeak availabel. / 25Years old.

Hit me up.


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