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LFP - New Org Looking to pick up 3 competitive players T4 (PC EU) 18+

CARNiFEXCARNiFEX Member Posts: 2 Rookie
edited November 2019 in Recruitment
A recently formed ORG is looking to branch out into rainbow six siege, i am lucky enough to be working closely with them and under them as the team captain, i'm looking for 1x Hard Support 2x Flex/Fragger. (Flex/Frag is down to later discussion)
What i'm looking for are confident, cool, calm and collected players. Yes its a T4 team but the main goal for this would be to push for Prem/Benelux.
Must be at least Plat 2 with a high level of understanding of the game and how it works, Previous Competitive experience Required.
Message me on Discord @ Oxion#1449 With your Uplay, Main Operators, Previous Roles/Teams
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