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EU LF 2 (GC) DRGN Gaming (and LF COACH)

SirSealSirSeal Member Posts: 18 Rookie
Hello everyone!

We are looking for 2 more team mates to fill our rosters. 

I am Sir Seal part of one of the teams and i am probaly in need for 2 more players. Do you think you are the one for the team check these ''requirements'':

-Positive mindest 
-You can give AND recieve feedback!
-You won't get tilted after a few lost games.
-Your understanding of the game is on point (Rotations, positioning and spacing, when to challenge and when to back off etc.)
-Be able to play with team mates in comms. Communication is key if you want to get to the highest level.
-Atleast got your GC rewards.
-Willing to learn! have the spirit to get to the highest level!

Please take in account that these requirements are just  here to give you an indication of how your chances are.
If you apply and send me a msg i will send you to the CEO of the org and he will take care of you and will have a chat with you.

I am not looking for mmr, and i don't care what mmr you had! I just want to know if you are able to keep up with the pace of the game and if you understand everything that is stated above.

I hope to hear from any of you! 

P.s. If you are close to your gc rewards like 8 wins don't worry just contact me if you do think you fit in :)

~Sir Seal [DRGN Gaming]
Discord: SirSeal^^#6283

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