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Looking for Team/Organization [SEA/PC]

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Name: Custa
Age: 16
Server: Sea (seas specifically) 
Rank: Plat 3 (played since operation chimera)
Role: Attacker - Flex
Attackers: Zofia, Sledge, IQ
Defenders: Smoke, Lesion, Maestro
UPlay: Custa._.
Language: English
Discord: Custa#3588
Availability: usually free on weekends and weekdays after 8(depending on the situation)

Would Like to at least try to get into an semi pro scene.I am a pretty chill guy who is serious and hoping that i could find a team that is also willing to grind and be committed and improve as a team. I would be able to take criticism in hopes of me improving in-game.I can also do well in comms in terms of callouts etc.
Do hit me up on discord or DM me if you're interested.
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