C3/GC looking for a pro team

OnieOnie Posts: 1Member One post wonder
Available to train and scrim every night. 18 years old. Discord is Onie#9861


  • CrazeCraze Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Matts#7859 Former S 10 GC, At the moment, Champ 3 in 2s and 3s from solo-queing. Looking for a RL team to do tournaments with! I have multiple experiences with Rocket League teams and tournaments and one of teammates currently plays for Boise State's Rocket League Team.
  • Fr1bbsFr1bbs Posts: 3Member Rookie
    I’m c3 div 2 for duo. Could I play with you?
  • Fr1bbsFr1bbs Posts: 3Member Rookie
    I play Xbox though 
  • CrazeCraze Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Sure add me on discord
  • TangoSukkaTangoSukka Posts: 2Member Rookie
    craze and onie i added you both on discord.
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