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Veteran Full-Flex IGL w/LAN experience is LFT!

FabledWhiteBladeFabledWhiteBlade Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Been away from R6 E-Sports for about 3 months, due to a variety of reasons. Looking to get back into the scene, with a serious team, as soon as I can.

I’ve spent most of my competitive career playing on EU servers, despite being on the East-Coast of NA.

I’ve got experience in pretty much every role at a high level (Entry is my least experienced).

If you need any additional information, it can be provided through me, by my contact information, listed on my ESL Profile.

Feel free to text or call me or to post on this chat if you’re interested, I’m more likely to respond to text or call, but I will try to keep up to date on the forums if I can.


  • tacky_gamer_22tacky_gamer_22 Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Hmu on psn- tacky_gamer_22
  • ii-_NotSadnessii-_NotSadness Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Team Mayhem Esports
    - Captain

    • If someone is interesting of joining an esl team then we got a place for you here if you are plat or higher. We do Go4's, Ladder matches, And having fun in ranked while we winning most of the games. We need a support player that can handle stressful situations and can control gunfights.

    • Requirements:

    - At least hitted Plat 3

    - 1.0+ K.D (Unless your a true a support player, then a lower K.D is fine)

    • - No Toxicity in any way shape or form.

    • - Must have good comms, good teamwork, and team coordination.

    • - Must be an active player.

    • - MUST HAVE DISCORD to communicate with a the team.
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