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EU - Looking for 5th/Sub

AtlasR6AtlasR6 Member Posts: 19 Rookie
We are an up and coming team who are looking to get into competitive Rainbow Six Siege. Our main roster averages at Plat 2 and we are looking for a sub, potential 5th or even both. The total goal for this team is to improve from each other, our opposition and our own mistakes. We plan to participate in the weekly ESL Go4s on a Sunday and a few others if we can; inluding Com Cups and Amateur leagues.


Weekend availability (for Go4s and possible league games),

Rank: Plat 2

Competitive experience outside of ranked; such as Go4, R6TM etc.

Ability to take and respond to constructive criticism, as well as being able to give out said advice.

Fluent English speaker.

Preferred role is Support.

Over 18 for entrance into ESL tournaments.

If accepted, you will be permitted into a trial period of 5-10 Ranked games and then we can justify your position.


Feel free to dm Atlas#5847 or JustLeon#4418 for more info. Please send us the application shown below.


Name and Nickname:



Average MMR:

Estimated Hours Played:

Weekly Availability:

Competitive Experience:


  • FLyinImpacTFLyinImpacT Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Name and Nickname: Philip Sobkowiak, FLyinImpacT

    Nationality: german

    Age: 21

    Average MMR: 3950. I just started playin siege seriously and only played 40 rankeds so far

    Estimated Hours Played: 520

    Weekly Availability:  A lot of time. But it also depends how much university demands from me. Weekends pretty much always free tho

    Competitive Experience: I ve been playin CS since im 9 years old and started beein in an amateur team when i was around 16. Stopped when i was around 17 years old because of school and just focused on csgo ranked and Faceit. Faceit easily reached master league and was able to compete vs some of the better players that are now in the pro league of faceit. Got bored of cs so i started playin siege again. I have only got Ranked siege experience tho, thus my knowledge how pros actually play is probably still lacking. Im open to play any role. I Just want to get better at siege and possibly compete in a pro scene ( one day).
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