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Looking for competitive players

CypherCypher Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Hey guys,

I've been playing PUBG for a while now, and I've decided to get a team together to compete in tournaments & such.
As for myself, I've been a semi-pro player in a few games by now, amongst CoD4, CoD MW2 and Overwatch. After taking a little break from the competitive scene, I've set my sights on PUBG and I'm looking to improve my gameplay to a higher level.

As such, I don't have that many requirements for potential teammembers as I believe that most things can be taught/practiced:

- Dedication
- A mature attitude
- Willing to play 3/4 days a week for practice & tournaments
- Good communication skills

Hit me up on discord if you're interested: Praetor#0021 


  • CypherCypher Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    There's still an open spot!
  • CypherCypher Member Posts: 4 Rookie
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