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D1 Looking for Coaching/experienced teammates

BromanGoManBromanGoMan Member Posts: 2 Rookie
I've been playing rocket league since its release and have always been big into it. I haven't had the chance to really reach my full potential due to the lack of skilled teammates I've ran into whilst playing the game. That said I've pushed myself to be the best player I can with the resources I have, and am looking to push my rank and skills to the next level. That said I'm looking for players of higher ranks to scrimmage against and to play with in matches that could help me reach the level of player that I want, and know I could be. Message me on discord or comment on this post if interested, thank you.

Discord: BrRoman99#8921


  • LickMeLlamaLickMeLlama Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hey dude, i'm a d3 player in 3s and i'm down to play with you and help if you want me too.
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