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S1nnerRebornS1nnerReborn Member Posts: 22 Rookie
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Hi, I am a Christian looking for other Christians who like to play games, more specifically, Rocket League. I have been playing for a while, over 1000 hrs, and wanted to reach out to other Christian gamer's to try and put a team together to play competitively in tournaments all while praising our God doing it. I have a brand new YouTube channel that's geared to playing games while having conversation about God with others. My intent is to stream with other Christians and post videos of such. I am putting a discord together which is still in the works, specifically for Christians to be able to play together in multiple games with a positive environment and be bale to talk about our faith with others. If you're interested hit me up on discord, S1nnerReborn#8040. 
I do have a name for the Rocket League team, so if interested in that let me know or if you just want to be part of the Christian Gaming community that's completely fine too! Let me know!
Oh and don't worry if you're not a Christian, this isn't a Christians only thing, but I will not tolerate and demeaning or degrading activity. So, if you're not a Christian but want to be part of this community to be able to have fun playing games in a non-toxic manner, but be competitive then come on! I just ask you be respectful of other's views and beliefs. 
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