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Starting a team

AndrewPlayzAndrewPlayz Member Posts: 1 Visitor
Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'm looking for dedicated players for a team i am trying to get together before the next esea season. At the moment I am looking for 3 dedicated players looking to improve and help us succeed. My organization I am involved in has 4 other competing teams. We have over 450 members within our discord. Let me know if you are interested.


  • ElmerElmer Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Hello I am intressed can you add me on discord! Elmer#6936
  • ElmerElmer Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    edited December 2019
    But I am not willing to go in real life lan!
  • pierlionspierlions Member Posts: 26 Rookie
    Hi we are 3 good players looking for a team, add me on steam and lets have a chat @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/piiieR/
  • AAMSAAMS Member Posts: 19 Rookie
    Hi . i am expert csgo player. actually i am Global Elite.
    I have been on a breake for many years after taking part in many online and LAN tournaments.
    I have been back on csgo for a few months, and while I was looking for a team I was taken for a new project by "Hell Bandits eSports" as a new Team Leader for ESL.
    So the selections for this team are open, [all positions].
    Rank: LE or + 
    Age: 16+ 

    Join our Discord Server for more info or for speak directly with me. 

    ING Name:
    Past experience:
    Time Zone:
    English skills:  /10
  • PinksyPinksy Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    I am interested please add me on steam JPinksy
  • AbclolkidsAbclolkids Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    From UK over 3400 hours in game. Highest rank: GE and level 7 on faceiit

    Discord: Abc#3875
  • DookyDipersDookyDipers Member Posts: 1 Rookie
    Hi andrew my name is Ed and Im from PH but I can speak english very well and Iam interested on joining 

  • S_M_I_L_ES_M_I_L_E Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hello. I am interested in joing one of your teams.

  • PoorGioPoorGio Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hi i am interested in joining. DM on disc @ PoorGio#2470

  • Goose2kGoose2k Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    edited May 2020
    I can coach. 


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