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New UK eSports Team looking for Players & Coach

kingsorderggkingsordergg Member Posts: 13 Rookie


We are a brand new eSports Team based in the UK and we are looking for players and a coach to play under our name and potentially compete in the upcoming months, now this is not a paid contract/position you will be joining on an open contract  however once we become more established we intend on having all our pro teams on a monthly salary and have everybody sign a 3 month contract in order to continue competing under our name.

Below is a small form for you to fill out just so we can get a better understanding of what type of player you are
so please fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as possible. if you would like a faster response please DM us on twitter @KingsOrderGG

In-Game Name
Twitter & Discord:
Highest Rank:
Have you played on any other teams:
Have you played in any other tournaments:
Have you won any other tournaments:
Why you should be accepted:

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