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R6S ESL player (eu,ps4)

Charlie_W24Charlie_W24 Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Experienced Esl player looking for a new team to consistently play tournaments/scrims and practice strats with Im a genreal platinum 2 flex player who can entry frag or support ,so hmu if you want me on your team (ps4 tag is @Charlie-G4H


  • ZukklyZukkly Member Posts: 22 Rookie
    hey man do u want to join my team (team scarce). we r a growing team. I can get u into tournaments etc and if u could get ur friends to join I could get u and them into tournaments. if u could join and dm me there that would be great. 

    discord for team = https://discord.gg/XxjRBq
  • ii-_NotSaddnessii-_NotSaddness Member Posts: 37 Rookie
    G'day Sir, Me and my friend are looking for an ESL team to win Go4 tournaments. I am a plat 2 player but right now I'm Plat 3 and i have touched Plat 2 this season.
    And my friend is Plat 2
    We both are really good togheter, we can handle gunfight and stressful situations.
    My mains are Ash and Twitch plus Jäger and Bandit.
    His mains are IQ and Twitch plus Lesion and Bandit.
    If you want to contact us please do it on psn: ii-_NotSadness and my friend: Kroouz
  • Marcman868Marcman868 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Plat 2 player 2 seasons in a row. now plat 3, 1 game away  from plat 2.I am igl player, very good game sense and competent fragger, and follow pro-league strats and livestreams regurlarly.
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