Medieval Esports ORG Recruiting C1-GC

OhBonezzOhBonezz Posts: 25Member Rookie
-Need to be active 
-Funded tournaments!
-Chance to make some money from hard work
-Chance to be traveling to lan one day
-certified org with 2k+ followers on twitter 
NA And EU Welcome 
message OhBonezz#7437


  • habfans7habfans7 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Hey I'm looking to get back into the competitive rocket League scene. Use to be high champ 3. Have since fallen. As I haven't been playing but now looking for a team. Discord is Habfans7#9583
  • SubZeroSubZero Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Hi, I wasn't able to find your discord to start a conversation, but I am a 1550-1600 GC since Season 8 and interested in joining the NA Roster. I am the captain and Division Head at my University, and definitely interested in participating in tournaments/playing under your Org. My discord is DannyPhantom#1938 
  • GahooyGahooy Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Hi I am C1 player who is interested
  • OhBonezzOhBonezz Posts: 25Member Rookie
    Gahooy said:
    Hi I am C1 player who is interested
    Add me on discord
  • krowekrowe Posts: 3Member Rookie
    high c2 / low c3 player, down to give it a shot if you havent found everyone 
  • OhBonezzOhBonezz Posts: 25Member Rookie
    krowe said:
    high c2 / low c3 player, down to give it a shot if you havent found everyone 
    Add me on discord
  • BartyBarty Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Yo, I've seen your post on the ESL forum. I've been gc once in s8, been a part of Zypher Esports in late 2018 and early 2019 - Semi's of qualifying for RLRS. Stopped playing after the team broke down, started now. Around C3 now, if interested let me know.
  • Landy2002Landy2002 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hi. I'm a C2 player who is interested to join
  • JokinenJokinen Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Hello, I am a C1 player who is intersted to join Medieval Esports
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