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EU Looking for a team/org to play in GC

SirSealSirSeal Member Posts: 18 Rookie
Hi everyone,

I am a calm rocketleague player currently ranked in GC between 1530 and 1630, on my way to the 1700 to 1800 mmr range,
Getting into 1 v 1 since this season currenlty C1, climbing towards GC in the future to improve myself mechanicly and mentaly.

I am 20 Years old and live in the Netherlands. Been looking for a team/org to pick me up for a long time now so please hit me up and msg me on discord: SirSeal^^#6283.

P.s. If you are a looking for a team as well contact me as well maybe if we have enough we can make our own team(s).

~Sir Seal
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