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Looking for a team to compete in lans and leagues with

TaLdRiKTaLdRiK Posts: 3Member Rookie
A bit over five years of experience in cs, roughly 5k hours.
Roles would be the following: First entry and secondary awp.
Age 17
Location Finland 
Rank GE and lvl 8
Availability 3-5 times a week 3-6 hours at a time
Languages english, finnish and estonian
if intrested send me a msg on here.


  • XemAXemA Posts: 16Member Rookie
    Hey your Looking for a Team Well Skrambit eSports Needs you
    Say that nova Sent you
  • pierlionspierlions Posts: 16Member Rookie
    are you still looking? add me on steam
  • P34NuTP34NuT Posts: 27Member Rookie
    TeamZPE - CS:GO Player Recruitment

    Team Recruitment:

    We are now opening up recruitment for CS:GO player opportunities, the team will be focused on training for LAN attendance in April for Insomnia 66 as their first appearance with other LAN's being attended, dependant on teams performance. BYOC and Camping tickets provided by TeamZPE for representation at LAN's (Example Insomnia Gaming Festival / epicLAN).

     Looking for: 2 Trial Spots Available

     Combination of the following:

    Primary Awper / Secondary IGL/Caller
    Primary Awper/ Secondary Lurker

     Combination of the following:

    Primary Lurker / Secondary Entry
    Primary Entry / Secondary Lurker

     Combination of the following:

    Primary Entry / Secondary Awper
    Primary Awper / Secondary Entry

     Key skills needed for squad:


     - Speak and understand fluent English.
     -Rank/Elo LE or Higher
    -Available for scrims/practice for minimum 4 days a week, for a minimum of 1 or 2 Scrims
     - Available between the times of 17:00
     - 22:00 Mon-Fri (not everyday required)
     - Available 12:00 - 21:00 Saturday & Sunday
    - Active Daily is highly preferred.
    - Must have a working microphone
     - Age requirement is 16+ (Due to parental consent for under 16's)
    - Must be able to pass initial tryout phase for your specific game
     - Social Media ( streaming/shout outs)
     - No Bans on any accounts
     - Be respectful / No toxic attitude (turning off mic, rage quitting or "games lost" attitudes will result in removal)
     - Have good callouts/ communication
     - Online 4 days a week
     - can stream or be in a stream

     - All LAN Prize money goes only to the Players (You keep what you win)
     - Player Support
     - Team Uniform
     - Organised Team Play

     For more information please DM or Add me on steam
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