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RONIN Syndicate is Recruiting

Joker.CBJoker.CB Member Posts: 5 Rookie

Ronin Syndicate is looking for new members! We are an international esports and gaming community for Rainbow Six: Siege and Apex Legends with multiple competing teams.

What we can offer:
► 70+ members in an everytime growing community
► experienced owners with the knowledge to manage a community
► engagement in the esports scene
► esports experienced players
► members from 12 different nations
► a well organized Discord server
► a well suited place to find friendly people to play with

► age 18+ (exceptions are possible)
► speak english
► be non-toxic
► avoid rage

We don't await you're a pro player, keep that in mind. Join the Syndicate now.


  • Joker.CBJoker.CB Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Join The ROININ

  • FiXFiX Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    i am looking for org in apex ps4, i can make a team with diamond rank, but i need info about any cups and scenes. i used to play esl but its dead now. contact me by my profile or add ps4 FiXu94

  • Angello MarconiAngello Marconi Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    I play on Ps4, high plat 3 (was plat 2) I normally carry on frags but I can play support for the team as well. I know how to play almost every opp with strats also. If interested my Ps4 is Savage_302 just shoot me a message & let me know.
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