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Champ 3 With Tournament Experience Looking For Competitive Team!

BonksBonks Posts: 1Member One post wonder

Long time Champion 3 with Grand Champion material and ESL experience looking for a team who takes competition seriously. Been champ 3 / GC on and off since season 2 and have played in ESL befors and various tournaments. Hit me up on Discord or Steam

Discord: Bonks#4697
Steam: Viqzaa

Stay real homies



  • Razorhavoc24Razorhavoc24 Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I'm interested and dedicated to going pro in RL I have been in grand champion division 3 I am now working my way back up I'm in platinum 1 division 3 I've started playing since the beginning I'm competitive good communication and open fir tips and training to improve and work with my future team to the top my goal is to climb the ladder to the Rlcs thank you
  • Kronos3114Kronos3114 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    edited September 29
    Hey, I've been interested in going pro in rl ever since I saw RLCS season 1 and I have been Champ 3 div 2 in 3s and Grand Champ in 2s. I don't know if that is high enough, but I have always been very competitive in rl and would like to try to make the move up to high level tournaments. I'll add you on discord and you can decide if I meet your criteria.
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