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viaoviao Posts: 22Member

wtf? where is the fullspeed ladder? or why there are no fs maps in the 1on1 ladder? nothing here for fs drivers ....
no wondering that tm will be die here.



  • RasqueRasque Posts: 21Member, Global Staff Head Rookie
    The fullspeed ladder is closed since a long time. However you should check out the Competition titlepack which is ESL's development for the future of fullspeed and other styles
  • viaoviao Posts: 22Member
    i know the titlepack.
    but why no fs maps in the 1on1 comp. ladder?
  • KemKem ŠiauliaiPosts: 13Member Rookie
    The 1on1 competition ladder was created solely for Tech. If you want a FullSpeed ladder, you'll have to prove somehow that it will be active and not forgotten after the first week or so.
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