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Recruitment for potential lineups for th8-th12

qwestqwest Member Posts: 14 Rookie
Read this if you're a serious gamer. We need gamers for our line up for the th8- th12 ESL tournament,bwr are active players and are serious about winning we are maxed out and will teach you all you need to know to be ready. join my discord grouphttps://discord.gg/N7exxBG . P.S you get paid monthly


  • qwestqwest Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    For those who want to join our discord server please do do through this linkhttps://discord.gg/kp2sktJ. This is our new link the old one has expired. Thank guys for your support and join us to earn cash playing games
  • JOEJOE Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    you still looking?  #8CQVJYQG my tag
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