[NA] Ex-Pro Coming Back [LFT]

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Hello everyone my name is SlightlyGrim. Going to make this as short as possible. 

I Bought this game during its beta phase playing around 160H. I joined up with a Team in season 1 known as A51 which later turned Milspec. 
I also played for Empire Gaming back in season 1 with Nitro Chapstick GunHavoc Fluffy and others. I moved around trying out different teams before having a tryout with hotncold on TA. Shortly after this, I sold my computer moved to Australia and became a coach where i coached Pro Team Outlaws which later became ZeroGaming. I have moved back to NorthAmerica.

I have just set up my first computer in over 2 years and I do wish to try and make pro leagues again .. so I am looking for a team that is dedicated enough to practice 4 days a week at least. Also a team that is actually shooting to go professional not just play around in tournaments for fun.

My youtube channel is SlightlyGrimGaming if you want to check out the videos I used to post. 
Hope to hear from someone soon.

My discord is 

I just bought the coimputer yesterday so im still tweeking my settings and sens. 
I am also already Plat in Ranking


  • SIightIyGrimSIightIyGrim Posts: 20Member Rookie
    Ranked Plat 3 atm
  • itzTitanzitzTitanz Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Mount Olympus is looking for a roster ready to grind their way to the pros if you're interested in building a roster.
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