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Desolation E-SPORTS is Recruiting NA/EU/OCE players!

ZazookZazook Member Posts: 3 Rookie

About us:

Desolation E-SPORTS is an Irish organization that was established in 2018 we are currently competing in Rocket League and CS:GO, we're looking to branch out to many other games in the future, but now we're just focused on these two games due to the lack of management. 

What we're looking for:

We are mainly on the hunt for Grand Champs to form a solid team of 3 along with a sub. And people that are top 100 and have LAN experience. We will also be making a 1s team, 2s team and of course a 3s team. It would be great if you have any experience in winning tournaments and prizes, also any rank is accepted, we've three different kinds of teams. One of which is the Community team, where anybody can be any rank and join. Then we have the Competitive team which is full of competitors that will be representing us at Online Tournaments etc. Most of which will be in the Community team/Competitive team as we have not yet established a Professional team to represent us at events currently. The Professional team will be our best team, they will be going to LAN events, potentially given a salary, representing us at LANs etc. We're also looking for Tournament Managers (help with finding players tournaments/scrims) as well as some coaches (help with improving players playstyle etc)

What we offer:

  • Coaching
  • An experienced team in the E-SPORTS industry
  • Practice Teams
  • Weekly Scrims
  • Tournament Opportunities
  • Future Sponsors
  • Social Media Promotion

The plan:

So our main goal, of course, is getting to RLCS, so we're trying to get known in the community and hopefully make our players some of the best in the world. Also trying to win some major tournaments such as Dreamhack etc.

So if you'd like to get in contact with us, please leave us your Discord name and your Twitter, please along with your rank and region.

So what are you WAITING FOR! 

Get in touch with us right now!


  • BloodhoundBloodhound Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Discord- bloodhound#1487, Unfortunately do not own twitter, I'm a Consistent Champ Player, Playing Since Season 3 and am from the EU
  • SyllaSylla Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    kevyN#6904 1600+ GC EU
  • BlastyBlasty Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    My discord is H2_Vol#8626 I’m from NA I play everyday cause I have nothing else to do. My Twitter is @StrongBritt I’m a consistent Champ player
  • Liv33viLLiv33viL Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hey, my discord is  LivEEviL#5246  I am from EU playing almost each day. I own Twitter but I do not use it, so..... 
    Atm I am playing consistent between c2 div3 - C3 div2.
  • nathanb_1997nathanb_1997 Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    My discord is nathanb_1997#0873. My Twitter is realnathanb123. I am a consistent champion.
  • kalashnikovkalashnikov Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Kaiss#7050 is my discord. I have around 500 steam hours (plenty of afk hours) and made it to Champ 3. Looking for a serious team to compete with competitively. Hit me up NA. 
  • BigbcBigbc Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited August 2019
    Bigbc#2015 and don't have an insta but im Champion 2 ready to get with people and get the gold
  • HowlJHowlJ Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    HowlJay#3873 ; EU  ; Twitter DANIALVES666  ;  2s- C3    3s- C2 
  • J.CJ.C Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    J.C #8706 I am from the EU and active daily. I'm currently C2 in 3v3 and C2 in 2v2 
  • XIX BeefXIX Beef Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/xbox/xix%20beef (xbox currently)

    https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/76561198055448212 I've been playing RL a long time (pc profile) My ranks was low due to me always in training to become better, my xbox profile is my latest and current ranks. 1100 Hours on PC however 700-800 was training.


    C1 in 3's but I feel I can be a higher rank (champ 2+) 

    I'm a C3 in 2's. Hit GC last season and finished at 1504.

    I'm EU + mic communication (18 years of age)

    Discord: XIX Beef#1829
  • XIX BeefXIX Beef Member Posts: 3 One post wonder


    C1 in 3's but I feel I can be a higher rank (champ 2+) 

    I'm a C3 in 2's. Hit GC last season and finished at 1504.

    I'm EU + mic communication (18 years of age)

    Discord: XIX Beef#1829
  • xXGT-RANGERXxxXGT-RANGERXx Member Posts: 24 Rookie
    I play on PSN Gamertag is Impossible-Aim-

    I'm Champ 3 in Standard, Champ 2 in Doubles

    I'm European aged 23 I Have mic.

    Discord: Impossible Aim #4646
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