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Sochin EU PUBG Team looking for 3-4 highly competitive players

Hello guys,

We are looking for 3(+1 sub) players that wanna play weekly in all available tournaments and reach the highest step of the ladder in PUBG.
If you are casually thinking about the game (or having too much fun for that matter) just ignore the post, if you are still here and wanna get to a pro level, this would be the requirements:

Age: Preferably 20+
Rank: Does not matter, we will play games together and figure that out
Time: At least 2-3 hours/day, with 1 day of the weekend dedicated for tournaments 
Attitude: Just don't be a smart **** or talk non-stop

There could be more requirements but they wouldn't be so important anyway.

- Discord : Debris#0183
- Steam : DebrisGames
Or just leave a reply here, 



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