[EU+NA] The Rusty Rocket is recruiting!

BigDanishDudeBigDanishDude Posts: 6Member Rookie
We are the rusty rocket. An 18+ Rocket League community for people of all levels of skill. We believe that decent and happy teammates are the very best way to get better at the game. Which is why we focus more on the quality and maturity of people we accept than the ranks next to their names. We also offer coaching for people between G1-C3. 

Here´s what we´re looking for 
  • Must be over 18!
  • Must Be able to play on NA/EU servers
  • Must Be on PC, Xbox and/or PS4
  • Must Be an overall decent person 
  • Must be on discord.

Contact me on discord:  BigDanishDude#5074


  • HarveySHarveyS Posts: 4Member Rookie
    cant add you on discord mine is: Steevo27#5816 i would like to discuss this more :)

  • MykulMykul Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Cant add you, my discord is mykul457#8694
  • PowerOfPropPowerOfProp Posts: 2Member Rookie
  • PowerOfPropPowerOfProp Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Couldn't add you either. I'm GC. 1625 in threes.
  • S1nnerRebornS1nnerReborn Posts: 22Member Rookie
    Yup, your discord name isn't working. Please add me @S1nnerReborn#8040
  • ChilalasChilalas Posts: 2Member Rookie
  • CatnukiCatnuki Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Hey im interested i am from EU and a c1 players in 3s . I am wasy to get along with and not toxic my disc is Benjizz(Catnuki)#3828
  • J1styJ1sty Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    his number is wrong- its #5704...for those still interested
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