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Looking for a Team to get to the top of the eSports ladder with (Hit 1800 Last season)

D.Y.PD.Y.P Member Posts: 15 Rookie
edited July 2019 in Recruitment
message me DYP#0530 on discord to talk and discuss some stuff <3


  • Razorhavoc24Razorhavoc24 Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I'm interested and dedicated to going pro in RL I have been in grand champion division 3 I am now working my way back up I'm in platinum 1 division 3 I've started playing since the beginning I'm competitive good communication and open fir tips and training to improve and work with my future team to the top my goal is to climb the ladder to the Rlcs thank you
  • BlastyBlasty Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Razohavoc you have discord or twitter
  • Kyle11243Kyle11243 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Im only a plat. 1 div. 2. My highest rank has been plat. 3. I’m down to grind I’m not a grand champ but I’ll try and catch on fast!
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