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LFT: Plat 3, Lots of experience

DiiifferentDiiifferent Member Posts: 2 Rookie
Clearly, I’m looking for a team to play with.

I currently manage a collegiate R6 team, and I have been managing for a year and a half. I have played numerous games, played numerous roles, and have loads of experience creating strategies, Map bans, match reporting, rescheduling, operator bans, etc.

I’m ready to start, tryout, talk, interview, whatever and whenever you need. Just send me a message through discord.

Discord: Diifferent #9708
Uplay: Diiifferent
Age: 19
ATK Ops: Thatcher, IQ, Twitch, Buck, Thermite, Blackbeard
DEF Ops: Echo, Maestro, Smoke, Mute, Jager, Kaid


  • MindMind Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    My name is Al I’m a experienced R6 player looking to go into coaching my discord name is AlmoneyDrake27 #1222 can contact me at [email protected]
  • Zaine.LAPZaine.LAP Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hi mate.

    Team Lapith are looking for players to join We need players for our team. We want to play competitive ESL, Scrims maybe even CL if possible. If you have interest DM on discord Zaine.LAP#7280  

    Uplay ID:
    Main Ops Attack/Defense:
    Why you want to join a team:
    When you have time to practice (CET Time):
  • LiiveLiive Member Posts: 34 Rookie
    Hi I am the owner of KoS esports and I took intrest into you. Please contact me at Ll#0001
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