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WCG Hearthstone finalist 20196

titanraventitanraven Posts: 10Member Rookie

WCG has recently released the Hearthstone finalist! A little recap of the regional tournament:

*APAC Region: Flourine from Hong Kong won first place in the APAC region with 6 wins and 1 loss, on the second spot Akumaker from Austalia and Kamaretai from Japan both got a record of 5 wins and 1 loss, in the end, Akumaker will go to the Grand Finals by the head to head rules results. 

Europe Region: Thechnogoose from Sweden was ranked 1st place with a 6-1 score and Exigo from Hungary was in a 4-way tie with Sebastianjo from Austria, LETHAL from Turkey and pbarbosa7 from Portugal, and after a tiebreaker, round Exigo ended up as 2nd place.

Americas Region: TerrenceM from USA  and Tempo from Chile both had a 5-2 record in their final score, and TerrenceM, who defeated Tempo in the third round, got 1st place based on the head to head rule.

China: Asbefore ranked first place with 5 wins and 2 losses, and Reconnect took second place with 4 wins and 3 losses. 


  • Wonton678Wonton678 Posts: 17Member Rookie
    I'm really not updated anymore so thanks for this one :D
  • HeavenlyFaucetHeavenlyFaucet Posts: 12Member Rookie
    This is a good Match-Up per region. WCG organizers did a good job
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