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Season 9+ 11 GC LFT

NytetimeNytetime Member Posts: 6 Rookie
Looking for a serious team that is down to participate in faceit tournaments, guilded.gg scrims and more competitive events.

To tell you about myself I am currently in c3, have been GC s9+ 11, I’m an Xbox player but can use whatever applicable form of communication, I am 16 years old and am very big into competitive rocket league. And I’m NA

My requirements for a team:

I want my team devoted to a specific region- NA. I don’t want their to be a separate team for each region.

I want players of equal skill rank C3-GC (it’s okay if you have it in any category as long as it’s not extra modes, I myself am only c2 in threes because of lack of players to play with)

I want similar age levels 15-20

I also want only Dominus users (that’s a joke)

Contact info is seen below

Xbox Gamertag- Kilocity

Discord Kilocity#3948

Instagram- @KilocityRL
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