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TEAM/CLUB NAME: || Milky Way ||

- Are you interested in joining a new competitive team/club? I’m forming a new team called Milky Way. Below are the listed requirements and the discord you can join to tryout. Read requirements below!!

(Need 2 players for the main team and 2 subs as a backup incase the main team players are unable to make it. Right now I will be accepting more people so we have a lot to chose from)


- Must be over the age of 13. DO NOT apply if you do not meet the requirement.
- Must have a discord to remain in contact with the team. Have a microphone!!
- Must be an active Rocket League player who plays often (if you are inactive for one month without a valid reason you will be removed from the team)
- Must be experienced - have over 500 hours at least- (dm me for exceptions)
- The minimum rank we accept in our newly forming team is Diamond 3. Champions are more suited as we are more experienced however there can be exceptions. (Dm for exceptions once again)
- we will have team practices — such as 1v1s, casual training to work on chemistry, and ranked to get a feel of how we will be playing.
- as our team grows we will attempt to join tournaments and grow as a team.

Contact Info:
email (business only) : [email protected]
steam: MysterRali - or - (Alt Account) HØRIZØN
discord: Rali64#7695

team discord: https://discord.gg/8M9WPVu

I have been playing since season one. I have 2,511 hours in rocket league and the game is one of the beat and most addictive I have ever played. I am currently ranked Champion 2 but have dropped so that I can play with friends who are around lower ranks such as mid diamond to low champ. I would love to form a team and get competitive and playing with people at par or better than me will only make us better. I hope you like the idea and choose to join!
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