[EU] [NA] [PC] Looking for players!

SownsaturnSownsaturn Posts: 7Member Rookie

Hello! I need players of all ranks to fill my rosters. I have a multitude of leadership positions open if you are interested aswell! Why join?

- We're an established eSports org ready to bust into more pro/semi-pro scenes

- We'll actually have a schedule for you instead of just saying "hey can you hop on now?"

- We plan on getting coaches for each team! (have to get some players first though)

- We have sponsors! Twitch.tv/Discord

- Plenty of friendly people and fun events to take part in!

- Free coaching

DM me if you would like more information sownsaturn368#3499


  • LithmeticVibezLithmeticVibez Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    I play on xbox thooo 🤷‍♂️
  • SownsaturnSownsaturn Posts: 7Member Rookie
    If you can be on our teamspeak I don't see why we can't have you :)
  • luhnzyluhnzy Posts: 5Member Rookie
    luhnzy#0001 on discord, or on twitter
  • JoshnWithYaJoshnWithYa Posts: 2Member Rookie
    I'm interested, JoshnWithYa#4747 on Discord
  • RIPYOURIPYOU Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    I am also interested, RIPYOU#4660 on Discord
  • SownsaturnSownsaturn Posts: 7Member Rookie
    RIPYOU said:
    I am also interested, RIPYOU#4660 on Discord

    I'm interested, JoshnWithYa#4747 on Discord
    luhnzy said:
    luhnzy#0001 on discord, or on twitter
  • CallawayCallaway Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Im interested Im_BeastMan21#2628 on discord
  • zelaxeyzelaxey Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Hello im interested. zelaxey#7921 on discord.
  • RapseyRapsey Posts: 8Member Rookie
    Hey! Im champ 1 div 3 in doubles and i am interested in joining this team! 
    My Rocket League ID is Rapsey#9332
    Discord: Rapsey#3268
    Im 13 y.o BTW

  • Dalekramone647Dalekramone647 Posts: 5Member Rookie
    I’m interested in joining I’ve beat jstn and kuxir71 in 1v1s f03 and I have proof also I’m really good at freestyling and I have proof of beating pulse evamples in a freestyle 1v1. I play on Xbox my gamertag is Dalekramone647 and on discord my username is DalekRamone647#5690
  • YliPlaysBgYliPlaysBg Posts: 11Member Rookie
  • cloudymeistercloudymeister Posts: 2Member Rookie
  • pkzppkzp Posts: 9Member Rookie

  • CatnukiCatnuki Posts: 4Member Rookie
  • LuckyLisspLuckyLissp Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Highly interested but I play on Xbox lvl 560 familiar with the game and just need some friendly members to play with and a team to join
  • nathan7777nathan7777 Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Would love to join! I added you on discors assuming thats what you meant
  • STEEZYSTEEZY Posts: 4Member Rookie
    THE JET 904#9554
  • kalashnikovkalashnikov Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Kaiss#7050 is my discord. I have around 500 steam hours (plenty of afk hours) and made it to Champ 3. Looking for a serious team to compete with competitively. Hit me up NA. 
  • PavkataProdsPavkataProds Posts: 2Member Rookie
    PavkataProds#7632 on discord. 1000 hours, Champ 1 in 2s, almost Champ 1 in 3s ,I'm talkative and from EU. Thanks.
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