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Seeking High Quality United Kingdom Based DOTA Team.

TommyTommy Member Posts: 4 Rookie

Do you dream of playing on the main stage? 

I’m here to ask you to join our team. 

There are 3 reasons you should join us: knowledge, passion, professional. 


I’m writing today to talk to you about your future in esports. I want to see you on the main stage of UK and EU LAN events. With our help we can make that a happen. 


We have a dedicated team of professionals with knowledge in marketing/business/international business/finance/esports/programming on standby waiting for the go ahead to get the ball rolling. 

We have a deep understanding of esports and know what it takes to run the most successful team in the business.   

Why stress about day to day issues and having to organising your calendar while keeping ahead of the curve when we can do what we do best which allows you to focus on what you do best. 


The one final point I would like to make is this. We don’t promise anything that we can't achieve. I have personally played for teams that promise the world but don’t deliver a thing.  

What have you got to lose by reaching out? Don’t miss your chance and email me today! 


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