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Carbon Pro is recruiting NA & EU players



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    Iconik said:

    About us:

    Carbon Pro is a North American organization that was established in 2017 and recently, in the last year all rosters (along with sponsors) were dropped and ownership of the organization was transferred. Since Carbon Pro has seen some rough times in the past, we have decided to completely rebuild the organization from the ground up. We have current contacts that play professional and semi-pro, and hope to set up scrimmages in the near future. We have a strong outlook and what is yet to come for the organization, hope to see you apart of it.

    What we're looking for:

    We are mainly on the hunt for Grand Champs to form a solid team of 3 along with a sub. We may also be putting together a 2's team to also compete if 3's aren't your thing. Champ 3 will be a current exception as you have the ability and time to advance your skills to the next level. This does not have to be your current rank, if you were previously a GC and de-ranked to Champ 3, we get it because we've all been there. If you are lower ranks such as Champ 2 or lower don't feel left out. Everyone has a chance within our organization.

    What we offer:

    • Coaching
    • An experience team in the eSports industry
    • Practice Teams
    • Weekly Scrims
    • Tournament Opportunities
    • Future Sponsors

    The plan:

    We plan to get a solid competitive team together of high GC's that will eventually be the main team for Carbon Pro and compete in tournaments to gain exposure. We would like to eventually get this team into RLRS along with getting the opportunity to scrim with a current pro roster. Keep in mind this will take time and a lot of trial and error with a roster to really find a solid team that is consistent.

    If you're interested in possibly being apart of Carbon Pro and taking the next step in Rocket League feel free to comment your Discord name with the #0000 and we will get in contact with you within 24 hours!

    Ethan1905#1846 ive been gc for a long time hit me up 
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    Ethan1905#1846  hit me up 
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    SOIR#9878 (currently 1750 mmr in 3s)
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    Ethan1905#1846 1640+ mmr in 3s 1670+ mmr in 2s
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    Davy Jones #5436
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    Hey what's up I was a 1600 mmr player on Xbox who just moved to PC about a week ago, would love to get into esports now that Ill be able to keep up with everyone else on PC! My discord is AyyJayyy#8151
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    THE JET 904#9554
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    Kaiss#7050 is my discord. I have around 500 steam hours (plenty of afk hours) and made it to Champ 3. Looking for a serious team to compete with competitively. Hit me up NA. 
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    I have been looking for a good team that is actually dedicated but also can work around different schedules. Unfortunately ive been quite unlucky and I haven't found a team that suits me. I am currently high C3 in 3s and I've been in high C3 in doubles (I am C2). I have experience in tournaments and I have been scrimming against GC for quite a while now. I am interested in your team but I have other things that can complicate it a tad bit, so I'll have to talk to you guys about it. discord: elfraloro#5917
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    luigisbounty#6656 champ 2 in 3s
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